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Find the elegant and attractive bar or club counter that your business deserves. Whether you’re looking for a simple serving space or one complete with under-counter fittings, there’s something here to cover all the needs of your staff. Choose Retail Counter for a quality product designed by professionals and fitted by passionate tradespeople. Everything is manufactured at our factory, and this is how we know that the products are of the highest quality.

 Coffee Housing

Having an outstanding counter is vital for a successful bar. It’s not just a place to put drinks on top of, it’s also the space in which guests mingle and interact with each other. A great bar has a counter that’s inclusive to all guests, and one that works efficiently for them. We offer fittings for the counter, including chillers and dishwashers, making it easier than ever to serve your customers effectively. Keep their champagne cold and ensure there’s always a flute handy with these stunning counters.

As well as the above, we’re also able to offer:

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