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Confectionery Counters for Those with Taste

The counters that we provide are made from the finest materials, and each one is manufactured at the Retail Counter factory. We do this to keep an eye on quality, and to ensure that the materials we use are solid. Whether we’re constructing confectionery counters or glass shelving, we strive to use the best products every time. Our store counters furnish businesses across the UK, and we’re proud to provide solid materials to those clients.

Why Choose Solid Surfaces?

Advantages of Using It

The benefits of choosing our solid surface materials include:

  • It’s a High-Quality Material
  • The Design Options Are Endless
  • It’s Very Hygienic
  • It’s Resistant to Moisture, Pollutants, and Bacteria
  • It’s Easy to Clean and Maintain

How We Use It

In the past we’ve used these materials to create:

  • Worktops
  • Confectionery Counters
  • Wooden Shelves for Bakeries
  • Alcohol Units

To enquire further about our confectionery and store counters, contact our designers today.

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